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Racing and Reckless Driving are serious criminal charges that can result in a mandatory license suspension. We know how to attack driving crimes.

Racing & Reckless Driving

Racing and Reckless driving charges are each gross misdemeanors, which means the maximum penalty is 364 days in jail and a $5,000.  Additionally, it comes with an automatic 30 day license suspension which will require you to get expensive SR22 insurance for three years!  These are not charges to be taken lightly.  Contact one of our criminal lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your case and to begin preparing your defense.

Racing is when two or more vehicles compare or contest relative speeds – even if the speed is not above the speed limit!  Officers will often make certain key observations in determining whether racing took place, such as squealing tires and revving of engines.  Racing is considered Reckless Driving.

The definition for Reckless Driving is simply driving with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.  Basically, it means you were driving really dangerously.  Obviously, people may have differing opinions on how they drove and an officer may have misunderstood what he or she saw.  Sometimes, the line between Reckless Driving and Negligent Driving is a fine line.  That is why it is important to hire a skilled attorney to present your side of the story to a Prosecutor, Judge, and Jury.