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Don't let a domestic violence charge ruin your life.

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Auburn Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are two sides to every d.v. case.

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Domestic Violence charges are treated very seriously in Washington State. We know every arrest has two sides. Get help and information today!

Domestic Violence (DV) is more than the stereotypical man vs. female physical fight.  The DV tag actually is used for any type of crime done where there is a domestic relationship between the perpetrator and victim.  Examples of domestic relationships include boyfriend and girlfriend, ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and husband, ex-wife and wife, mother and daughter, step-mother and step-son, grandfather and granddaughter, etc.

So if an individual intentionally damaged the car of an ex-girlfriend, that individual could be charged with DV malicious mischief or if someone is constantly harassing an ex-boyfriend, they could be charged with DV harassment.

Anytime relationships of any sort are involved, it can make things messy. We understand there are countless reasons for the conflict and understand Officers oftentimes will not listen to both sides of the story before arresting you.  Do not think you can just walk into court, explain to the prosecutor what “actually” happened and they will apologize to you for your inconvenience and dismiss the case.

You need an honest and reputable attorney who will make sure your voice will be heard and believed.  Contact our law offices today to discuss your situation and let us know your side of the story.

Occasionally, when relationships turn sour, one party will ask that a no contact order or protection order be put in place.  Often, it is an unreasonable request and we can help protect you and your reputation in court.  The time to clear your name is before the order is entered and not after.  Don’t wait if you have a hearing coming up.  Contact our Office as soon as possible!